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About Us

Each and Every Employee

We at ISII are committed to our fundamental goal of ensuring the coding of medical charts is performed in a more efficient and precise manner so the medical coder can reduce coding time and speed reimbursement.

Everyone within our company from the knowledge engineers that create and maintain the rules that provide the intelligence of our products to the software developers with the medical background to understand complex medical text translation, working together allows us to provide solutions for an industry with a desperate need for change.

Corporate Bio

ICD ID is a revolutionary product that uses proprietary artificial intelligence to produce diagnosis and procedure codes from natural language medical charts.  This technology is delivered using a state-of-the-art internet interface, a secure data center, and top of the line connectivity to existing hospital systems.

Medical coding is tedious, slow, and prone to error.  Medical coders are highly skilled experts, but they face demanding workloads and increasing time pressures.  ICD ID helps medical coders at all skill levels do their job better.  Novice coders can work with the speed and accuracy of experts, while more experienced coders can work faster and with lower stress.  ICD ID finds the applicable medical codes in the natural language, freeing coders from picking over text so that they can allot the necessary time to concentrate on finding the correct principal codes and complicating conditions.

Unlike other products, which rely on templates or simple keyword matching systems, ICD ID uses a rule-based expert system and true natural language processing.  Our ruleset consists of over 800,000 rules written by expert coders and nurses, which helps to ensure that the resulting codes are pertinent and correct.  But this power doesn't come at the expense of speed... ICD ID is fast. We can process a typical encounter, consisting of several medical reports, in less than one second.

Check us out!  We think the more you know about our product, the more you'll realize its value in your organization.


The difficulty of manual medical coding has been a major bottleneck in patient record management, claims processing, and the analysis and storage of medical records. Over a decade ago, Jack Falls, the CEO of ISII, realized this problem and set in motion a chain of events to revolutionize coding.  To accomplish this dream, many avenues of research and development had to come together, much of which is original to ISII, and the rise of the internet has provided an ideal delivery mechanism.  But an essential key to seeing change in the industry has been the task of convincing medical coders and hospital administrators that it not only can be done, but has been done.

Recent Milestones

We have just completed development of our Microsoft .Net 3.5 version. The latest and greatest technology in use today to increase speed and accuracy!