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Frequently Asked Questions

How can ICD ID help my hospital and coders?

ICD ID increases the speed and accuracy of medical coding.   And instead of just finding the codes necessary to cut a bill, ICD ID finds all the codes associated with a medical chart.  Optionally, it also produces a link between the supporting text that substantiates each code.   Having this information available at will allows for easy auditing of any coded encounter.

Not interested in all the codes for a specific encounter? More specifically, are you needing additional help locating the sometimes elusive CC's and MCC's. Well, our system can readily identify CC's or MCC's and provide them without all of the additional codes for the entire encounter.

Do charts have to be in some special format to be used by ICD ID?

Any natural language text in electronic ASCII format will work.  No special templates are required.  Most hospitals already have the required data in a suitable format.

Will ICD ID interface with my existing transcription processing procedures?

We know that there is not a "One Size Fits All process flow out there which is why we work with industry experts to get your data into our system and provide our results back to you in a quick and uniform manner.